About Us

What is Integrated Holistic Living Integrated Holistic Living is a way to reconnect the "Innate Nature" through 3 types of development methods: 1. Physical - By practicing various exercises including Embryonic Breathing, Hydro Therapy, Proper Eating Habits and Personal Environment. 2. Mental – Through Meditation practice, Mindfulness Practice, etc. 3. Spiritual – Through engaging in the Deeper Knowledge of one's beliefs.



Deasi Srihandi aka Green Mommy, graduated from Sam Ratulangi University with a major in Business Administration, besides being the co-founder and head of R&D for Green Mommy Shop, she’s also one of the main influencer for The Green Movement in Indonesia and has been teaching for the past 11 years in areas such as Healthy Cooking and Nutrition, Home Management, Organization & Productivity, Homesteading, Personal Development, Natural Beauty, to name a few.



Doctor Hassan, has for the past 40 years traveled in search of physical, mental and spiritual realization. With a few years studying Zen Buddhism, 30 years studying from Sufi Masters, studying Western Natural Medicine, Islamic medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. And 50 years in traditional martial arts.