The short & long term reality of the covid 19 pandemic

Doctor Hassan

Until today several hundred million people worldwide has been contracted the covid 19 virus and approximately 4 million people died. Those numbers would strive fear into almost anyone. Which makes it very easy for the pharmaceuticals industry, and most governments to push their vaccine agenda. And even those opposing the vaccine agenda has been mocked and bullied into looking irresponsible and ignorant. But the fact is that the things that people are questioning such as what is a laboratory leak in China, did it come from some bats in nature transferring it to human or similar theories rather we should asked more important questions such as :
1. Why were all our governments so slow to react and only few such as Taiwan and New Zealand had appropriate measures and there by attained some of the least damaging effects of the Covid 19. Could it be that there was a need for the spread? To justify “The Draconic” measures.

2. Why did several governments put billion of dollars into vaccine research to the pharmaceuticals industry that are richer and more powerful than even some countries. And could easily develop the vaccine since they have the equipment and know how and infrastructure. And the same government who funded this research are paying for the vaccines that they funded the development which means you and I are actually paying through our taxes. How great is it to be a pharmaceuticals company in such a golden age of viruses.

3. Why are we still forced to wear mask and even penalized when are not wearing it when WHO and other organizations have realized that it has in fact not changed or reduced the spread of the virus.

4. Why is this virus “So Special” that it gets the attention and masses hysteria and when in fact it wouldn’t even be on the top 50 list of deadly hazard in today’s world. Just to give an example, more people died per year of lifestyle related illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Malaria, HIV, and many other. Yet none of those illnesses are really getting any attention.

5. Why is it possible that almost 80% of new Delta Virus cases are in people who had been fully vaccinated “meaning received two vaccination”. And the same number for those who are hospitalized as well.

6. How is it possible that even though the death rate of covid 19 victims is less than 1% still it is being mandatory almost worldwide to be vaccinated while the pharmaceuticals companies are on trials for unforeseen side effects even deaths from the vaccines.

These questions are only a few of many.

But one does not have to look far for the answer. The one thing that all of it has in common is greed and power.

Many doctors and nurses who had been working on the “front line” of the covid 19 pandemic are speaking against the mandatory mass vaccination for several reasons, one of them being the shortage of vaccination availability which means that many healthy individuals who are unlikely to get any serious symptoms from the virus are being vaccinated while others such as the elderly and those with compromised immune system have still not been vaccinated.

One could asked oneself the question, why would many doctors and nurses who obviously have much better medical knowledge than most of us refused to get vaccinated. That’s one of the fact that should make you question the premise of the whole pandemic and what’s behind it.

Maybe you heard during the early days of this pandemic some doctors and other people mentioning that it would be better to not vaccinate but simply let the virus takes it course so as to create “herd immunity”. One of the reason that idea was being suppressed and some authorities deciding against it was simply that if we rely on creating herd immunity the market for the vaccine would become minute and the pharmaceuticals industry will get very little profit. Instead, we are now being subjugated and forced to get vaccinated whether vaccine that not only has given serious side effects damage people for lives and even cause a number of deaths. The same vaccine has even proven to be only 70-85% effective and as mention before more people contracted the virus who has been fully vaccinated than those who are not been vaccinated. And the authorities are lining up a new program to have us their population re-vaccinated every six months which could go on theoretically for the rest of our existence. Maybe its hard to believe if you did not understand the nature of this virus it will mutate it self every time it meets an adversarial situations. Which has been proven already by having seven strains and about 30 mutations of those strains (Yes you might not know that its not just the original virus and Delta virus out now).

To make it easier for you to understand how all this can happen, it should be known that not only in most governments do you have members of governments who have shares in the pharmaceuticals industry as well as the pharmaceuticals companies giving financial support to many politicians candidacies. So they will always have a way to influence the decision and actions of governments everywhere.

I’m not exposing something new, it has already been mentions by many people including Doctors, Nurses, Leaders, Whistle Blowers, etc. So silencing me won’t change anything.