Integrated Holistic Living

About IHL

What is Integrated Holistic Living
Integrated Holistic Living is a way to reconnect the “Innate Nature” through 3 types of development methods:
1. Physical – By practicing various exercises including Embryonic Breathing, Hydro Therapy, Proper Eating Habits and Personal Environment.
2. Mental – Through Meditation practice, Mindfulness Practice, etc.
3. Spiritual – Through engaging in the Deeper Knowledge of one’s beliefs.

In an increasingly decentralized and impersonal world, individuals are getting further and further away from the original nature and it is increasingly difficult to connect with the Creator. Therefore there is a great need to learn and practice the right mindset and physical condition.

Integrated Holistic Living developed by Doctor Hassan through thirty years of study and practice with some of the world’s leading spiritual masters and lived putting that knowledge into practice.

Learning can be done online through Google Classroom which has live and recorded classes as well as podcasts and many articles. There will be 4 recorded lessons per week and an only monthly session with Q&A. An online forum is also available as is our community Facebook group.